print job spools to 31% stops and attention light lights up

After powering up the printer the ready light appears. I can print the printer configuration pages. However, when I queue a job to print it spools 31% of the data to be printed and stops, and the attention light lights up. What is the attention light indicating? How do I pinpoint what the problem is?

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Print job is queued up from a Mac on Mac OS X 10.13.6


The light is supposed to indicate a paper issue (jam, wrong size, empty). How is the printer connected to the Mac (wireless? network? USB?) Does the printer sound like it's beginning the print cycle and stops, or it never starts?


The printer is connected to a wireless router via an ethernet cable.

The printer makes no noise at all when it reaches 31% -- it just stops and it never starts or re-starts and the printer's attention light comes on. In fact, before I queue up a print job I print out the diagnostics for the printer -- all 3 pages and the paper feeds fine indicating that there are no paper or pieces of paper stuck in the print path. The diagnostics indicate that the printer has an IP address and that TCP/IP is ready.. The Mac that I queue the job from has 52 GB of disk space free.


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