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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company.

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My motorcycle battery is drained after being fully charged?

I have a XJ750 Maxim and the battery drains when I go to start it. I do anything to kill the battery and the is on a charger. It recently started clicking instead of doing nothing. Any advice on what it may be?

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Battery is dead, That is why the fast clicking from the starter selenoid. (It doesn’t have the power to hold down the internal spring). Put in a new CHARGED battery & it should start. When running, Put a DC volt meter on the battery terminals. It should be reading 14 ~ 14.5 volts DC when revd up (Charging the battery). If you can’t get 14 plus volts, The bike isn’t charging & the bike will quit when battery runs low enough. As for charging problem, Usually the voltage regulator or stator.

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