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The Lenovo ThinkPad E540 was released in August 2014. It can be identified by its model number: PF-01G2R9.

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Thinkpad fell to the ground, screen glitter/twinkle.


Brand new laptop 1 week old, just fell on the ground.

This is what’s happening to the screen: 2 second perfect, 2 second blinking, 2 second perfect, 2 second … etc


What should I check?


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Hi @sylviavila ,

Could you please verify the model number of the laptop?

I'm asking because you said that it is a brand new laptop but the E540 laptop was first released in 2014 so I'm wondering if it would be still available as a brand new laptop


It's a Lenovo ThinkPad E480.


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Hi @sylviavila ,

Here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.84 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD panel.

I don’t know your laptop but it may be that the LVDS cable is an integral part of the LCD panel and is permanently connected to it and only plugs into the systemboard connector.

It could be that you have an intermittent connection in the LCD panel itself.

A couple of things to try first.

On p.27 of the manual it details how to access the UEFI diagnostic program. In the program there is a LCD test which may help to give a further idea as to the problem.

Connect an external monitor to the laptop’s HDMI port and check if its’ display is OK or doing the same as the laptop’s display, just to help narrow the problem down. If it is OK then more than likely it is a LVDS cable connection or LCD panel problem. (Note: a TV, if it has HDMI port, can be used as an external monitor.)

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I've connected an external monitor, it works perfectly. Only the laptop screen is KO half of the time (every 1 second I see the lines). So the graphic card is good.

I’ve checked the connection, they are good. Regarding the video, what are the chances that replacing the screen will fix the issue ? I’ve found the screen for 50$ + 40$ shipping.




You've narrowed down the problem to either the LVDS cable or the panel.

Being cautious, I'd say the panel is more likely to be the problem.

It still could be the cable, damaged where it passes through the hinge area to get from the case to the lid, so if you could inspect the cable first for any obvious damage in that area you could be satisfied that it is OK before you buy a new panel. It's a pain as you'd have to remove it to inspect it. Does the problem with the screen change if you move the lid back and forth?

When replacing the screen you normally don't have to touch that part of the cable, just disconnect it at the panel end.

Ensure that you get the correct panel if you go to order one. The part number is usually stamped on the back of the panel.

If you search online using the part number only you'll getresults for suppliers.

Here's a link to the Lenovo parts search page. Just insert the model number in the search box and then click on LCD panels to view all the available panels and their part numbers.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jayeff,

There are about 7 options for my model, I've tried to find the exact part number from different software (I'm on unix) but I wasn't able to locate it.

Do you have an advice here?



Hi @sylviavila ,

The best way to make absolutely sure which is the correct replacement is to remove the LCD panel from your laptop.

The part number is usually printed or stamped on the back of the panel.


Perfect, now I have it, I ordered the correct one!


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I would start off by checking if the warranty would cover this first. If not then check to see if the cable for the screen is seated correctly on both the motherboard and the lcd.

Update (01/04/2019)

@sylviavila Since you have checked the cables and they are seated properly, and the external monitor does work I would connect an external monitor up and run the diagnostics on it first Page 27 of this LINK Tells you how to to run the tests. If everything checks out but the laptop screen still has issues then yes my next step would be to replace the screen. If after changing the screen and it still does the same thing then you have an issue on the Mother Board somewhere.

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No warranty, there is a stroke on the side.

I tried to open the laptop, but I didn't notice any un-plugged cable, but regarding the behavior, it looks like an "half connected" cable ?


You may need to unhook the cable and reconnect it just to be sure. I have had this happen to me before. Just because it looks like its connected all the way does not mean it is.


I can't find the connection on the lcd, where can I find a map of the computer?


@sylviavila here is a link that may help locating the lcd connection Page 53 may help you find this. You may take time to look father through the manual.



Thanks brent, I’ve checked the connections, they are good. Regarding the video, what are the chances that replacing the screen will fix the issue ? I’ve found the screen for 50$ + 40$ shipping.



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