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Repair guides and support for the ZenFone 2 by ASUS, identifiable by the model number ZE500KL. Introduced in September 2015.

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URLs and keyboard change out of control

I find that after about 15 minutes of use, my phone goes out of control. URLs jump around, Google voice starts, when I type characters on keyboard, they don’t work. So I have to let the phone rest or even put in the refrigerator if the phone seems warm.

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1) Did you try using custom keyboard? I know, might sound stupid, but worth a shot.

2) What programs do you run on background? Might be something that uses CPU heavily on your phone (like miner or smth like that)… That goes to fastory reset or deleting unknown (for you) apps.

If nothing helps, then best bet is repair service, imho.

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The service center diagnosed it as needing a new screen, which in a 3 year old phone, would cost about $50. I could also try factory reset. I don't use fancy apps that use up a lot of ram. I just bought a new phone for about $170, with better specs anyway, and cost less than this one did in the first place. Good suggestion about the factory reset.


The thing about apps is that they don't necessarily use a lot of RAM, but a lot of CPU time while running in background. Well, good luck, maybe you can fix it yourself and sell it, though.


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