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The Dell Inspiron 15-5565 is a 15-inch laptop computer made by Dell.

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Laptop doesn't power on

Opened my laptop to clean out the fan. After I reassembled it, it worked fine, but I realized it was not charging. I took it apart again and realized that i forgot to re connect the adapter port to the mother board. I reconnected it and reassembled and now the laptop will not power on. Nothing happens when I press the power button.

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Hi Andrew, when you connect the power adapter to your computer, do you see an indicator that there is power?

try reseating the LVDS cable to the power button to the main board.


GPU and CPU are integrated on the board. Is it possible I shorted a power rail the second time I took it apart?


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You can take it apart again and see if you find anything along the way. Check the seating of the video card, CPU [ and the cam on the CPU ] and memory. It may work when you put it together, if so you have had a win. There is also a chance you have done nothing wrong, it may have been ready to fail next power on.

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