Replaced digitizer/screen assembly, screen still erratic

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I purchased a full refurbished screen and digitizer assembly from My original screen has been erratic for months. It doesn’t open the screen for apps, repeat displays time and date, and other randomness. I have to use the power button to reset screen over and over again to get anything done. It’s maddening.

I had someone look at it and he said the digitizer was bad. Thus, my purchase of a refurbished (“A”) screen and digitizer assembly. I just replaced it all - even those dang tiny antennas, got it all put back together, turned it on…and it’s doing the same dang thing.

Am I going to have to replace the phone altogether??? This is a refurb model sent to me after a SECOND insurance claim (first because my phone wasn’t charging, second because my phone was stolen). This is my THIRD item of this model. I don’t have replacement available through my carrier. So, it would be really great if I could get some help fixing it.


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UPdate - I just did a complete factory reset. NO apps, nothing on the phone other than factory release. Screen is jumping around still. :(


Someone else seems to have had the same problem as you last year, and they posted a possible fix.

Samsung S6 going crazy, screen jumping


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