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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Repairing a Crushed Surface Pen?

It’s a long story, but I accidentally dropped my Surface Book Pen in the parking lot 3 days ago and only found it today. It’s been through 2 days of rain and below-freezing weather and it looks like it got ran over by a car a couple times. Miraculously, it will still connect to my Surface Book through Bluetooth and the connection light still works! None of the sensors work though. The tip doesn’t draw (the tip also snapped off leaving the core stuck in the pen), the eraser doesn’t work (not even clicking it to open Cortana or anything). The shell is also pretty crushed and right now there’s no way I can remove the battery (which still provides power somehow). The button on the side was shoved into the pen but I was able to pry it out ( I have no idea if it still works). I’ve already ordered a new pen, but I was wondering if I could still repair the sensors somehow. I’ve attached some pictures of the damage.

Whole Pen

Block Image

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image

If anyone could help me get this remotely working again that’d be incredible!

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There isn’t possible way to fix it if the sensor is crushed it obviously broken. You can try getting the sensor replaced or replacing the whole pen which can very in cost but most probably inexpensive. Would be able to pick up one from Ebay

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All right, I knew it was a feeble hope that I could get it working again. I tried anyways because even refurbished or slightly used ones can be easily $50-60 or more. I'll take better care of my pen this time. Thanks for your reply!


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Possible, but it may be worth simply buying a new surface pen. I found this thread after repairing a damaged surface pen someone recycled, but it took a decent amount of time or reshaping the pen and the aluminum casing using a heated rod and jamming and repeating. Not sure if anyone is still reading this like 2 years later, but a crushed surface pen down the center serves merely ergonomic and battery storage uses. The sensor is at the top and bottoms, and considering that no new pens or devices have been built, the open box cost remains $50-70 usd.

I use mine primarily as a backup stylus or to take with me somewhere I might lose it, a crushed pen really feels weird to use, a new round one is preferable

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