Xperia Z3 loose IC and capacitor (?)


Some time ago I dropped my Z3 flat down on the street. The front glass was crushed into powder basically. After that the phone and LCD still worked but not the touch screen. Today I got a replacement screen and took the phone apart. When doing so I found a loose IC inside the phone.

If you look at the linked photo below, at the very top of the phone, in the middle, there is the text SUB4, just right of this text is the IC that came loose. With a bit of luck I will be able to resolder it back again. However, directly right of the IC there is a component, probably a capacitor. This one is also missing on my phone, and I haven’t found it.

Does anyone know what component this is, and what value it has?

Also, does anyone know what the IC does?

I added a photo of my phone with the loose IC (1) and where it should be (2), just next to that is the place for the lacking component.

Thanks, Thomas

Block Image

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