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Die Neuauflage vom April 2014 von Apples MacBook Air 11" erhielt aufgefrischte Dual Core i5 und i7 Haswell Prozessoren und eine leicht verbesserte Akkuleistung.

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MacBook Air shut down suddenly and won't turn back on

My laptop was working at 11.30 this morning perfectly fine with 16% battery. I went to put it on charge on a plug I have used before with no issues. Came back to it at 1.30 and the whole thing is completely dead. No ‘charge battery’ image coming up on the screen, the power cord isn’t lighting up green or orange (tried it on another laptop and it worked fine, tried a different power cord that I checked works and no lights), no dings or beeps or whines.

I have tried all of the Shift+Fn+Ctrl+Cmd and power button combinations that have been said before, but none are working.

I am hesitant to open up the back as I have no proper knowledge of the inner workings of a computer and don’t want to damage it further.

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Removing back plate is the only way to get further with troubleshooting and it’s necessary to get a hint on what’s the problem. I’d suggest to try disconnecting the battery connector from the logic board and then plug in the magsafe, your mac should start on its own if the issue is just battery related. If magsafe still shows no light something is probably shorted or dead in the logic board or the I/O board, that might be replaced as first repair attempt.

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I had the same problem and I FIXED IT.

I looked up online How to fix it but nothing worked.

this morning, I woke up and I was mad that my laptop wouldn’t open up and I continuously taped shift , control, option and the power bottom… it just turned on after like 10 seconds of that!! I was shocked. Hope this helps!!

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Go to YouTube and search cpl robben

thank you so much

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