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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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What are those components?


What are the two ‘big’ orange components located just at the back of the earpeace connector? They happen to burn while I was replacing the battery. The Ipod seems to be still working, but the output sound is close to unaudible. Who can help ?


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They appear to be capacitors. I am trying to locate a schematic to get the ratings, but @oldturkey03 is really good at identifying these so he might beat me to it ;)

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@geekittogether it's not a race or a competition. :-) We like to answer question in a collaborative manner to resolve any problems. You are right those are capacitors. There are no schematics for iPods. Unless one has a couple of spares logic boards to measure the capacitance on a working one, it'll be hard to identify. iPods are great MP3 players but a royal PITA to fix.


@oldturkey03 I completely agree. I only said that to get you to pop in since you were able to identify some tantalum capacitors rather quickly in another post. I just love helping people and fixing things :)

I also wasn't able to find a schematic, nor a photo with any identifiable markings on the packages. I will keep digging.


@geekittogether you go it :-) I used to fix those beasts and will check if I still have a board. If so, I'll measure the caps.


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