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Das Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset ist ein von Kingston konzipiertes Headset. Dieses Gerät beinhaltet ein Headset, ein abnehmbares Mikrofon und einen Inline-USB-Audio-Controller und ist mit den meisten Geräten kompatibel. Modellnummer: KHX-HSCP-RD

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What cable to use as a replacement?

I’ve been reading the answers to other questions on this item and I’ve figured out what is wrong with my hyperx cloud 2 headset with a broken mic. I determined that the problem with my headset wasn’t the mic at all but the cable going from the left ear to the 3.5 mm jack. The problem is that my cable didn’t break at the jack nor did it break at the ear. Instead it seems to be shorting right at the middle where the cable has had a stubborn bend in it since it came out of the box. I’d like to replace the cable altogether but I’m having trouble sourcing a reliable replacement as most of the ctia 4 pole cables on amazon and the like a) have only 4 wires on the inside (instead of 5) and b) have a reputation for failing. Somebody posted that they had success bridging the two grounds together but I worry that that might mess with sound and or mic quality. Ideally I’d like to source a cable that has the same setup as the hyperx cables with the left, right and ground separated from mic and ground but I have no idea how to even specify that that is what I’m looking for in a google search. I contacted hyperx and they couldn’t give me any help other than to say their cable was a standard ctia. Should I instead just order a diy trss plug and a 5 or six wire cable from aliexpress and make my own cable? If so what gauge wire should I pick? Any help would be appreciated.

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I’ve decided to replace the wire altogether with a panel mount female 4 pole connector so that I can simply plug a male to male plug in at each side. Ordered the part a few days ago. I’ll update when it arrives.


I ended up buying a four pole female panel plug and replaced the wire entirely with that splicing the grounds where they terminate in the plug. Then I can use any male to male truss connector to go from the newly installed jack to the 7.1 USB device (or straight to a ps4/Xbox controller. Then if my cable has any trouble again I can swap it out easily. The cable I bought was from monoprice and only cost $2.50. The panel jack was only $2 and I got two of them for that price (though they did take a couple of weeks to arrive). All in I basically turned my broken cloud 2 headset into a cloud alpha for less than $5


Nice work. I am glad everything went well, and I like the easy-to-replace design you have created there.


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@ttttubby Looks like this was answered here:

Can I fix the Headphone 3.5mm that only works in Certain positions

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