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Can I recover notes from my water damaged iPhone xs

My iPhone XS got soaked and is now not working. I tried putting it in rice and this is day 4 no luck. I really need to get to my notes folder as it holds important info. I can get a new phone easily I just really need to recover the notes! HELP Please Thanks

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Unless you disabled iCloud notes backup you should be able to find them on iCloud.com by logging in with your phone’s Apple ID and password. If for any reason you don’t find what you need in your backup, you’ll have to get your phone running, at least partly, to recover your data. Rice is a urban legend, it doesn’t help to fix liquid damage and it makes one waste precious time..take your phone to an experienced microsolderer where it can be properly decontaminated with ultrasonic and repaired at least to get back your data, if possible, the sooner the better.

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Water damage is the kind of thing that if you need to ask, you can’t do it, especially with iPhone X/Xs. Soldered duel layer board makes it easy to absorb water, and extremely difficult to open up, clean and repair.

Also rice does not help anyway Even if it does, it is recommended to open up the phone first to let air circulate. Water resistant iPhones are sealed pretty tight even though there is a leak that caused water damage in the first place. You need to at least open up the SIM trey before attempting to dry it out. Now water is inside it for several days, your only hope is sending it to an expert.

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If you iPhone can not turn on, the only way to recover notes from iPhone is the backup file from iTunes or iCloud.

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