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Erschienen am 4. November 2017. Modell A1865, A1901. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / 64 oder 256 GB / Silber oder Space Grau. (Genauso ausgesprochen wie "iPhone 10")

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iPhone X occasionally reboot and overheating - Water Damaged


I’m currently working on a Iphone X, which has been a victim of water damage (Not salt water) some time ago. The phone shows unnatural behaviour such as randomly shutting off, attempting to reboot, however ends up boot looping. If you leave the phone for some time after the boot loop, it will turn on normally. Quite frequently, when playing games or doing anything that requires more ‘power’ from the cpu, the phone will become decently hot in the area of the motherboard. Can mostly be felt on the back glass of the Iphone. Sometimes I could go about 2 days, without having any problem with the phone. I would just like to point out that the battery hasn’t been replaced after the water damage situation.

Upon inspection of the device, is has got some severe rust near charging port, taptic engine and loudspeaker. There has also formed water crystal within the original OLED display. Besides that nothing really stands out.

Usage wise the phone is capable of all the usual tasks, such as wifi, bluetooth, 3d touch, play sounds, front and rear facing cameras, FaceID, buzz and much more.

The thing I have been wonder about, is if all these affected components could cause a short or if the main motherboard itself, has been damaged from the water. Before beginning to take the motherboard apart, I see someones expertise and advice, to maybe resolve the issue and pin point the problem.

I have provided images and videos below, to get a better understand of the defekt and how the phone currently operates upon startup. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hardware inside of the iPhone X:

Block Image

Spot on the OLED display, affected by the water:

Block Image

Normal boot up of the iPhone:


The occasionally boot loop:


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With water damage, all bets are off. You are already experiencing a variety of issues and this will likely get worse with time. Thoroughly decontaminating the logic board on an iPhone X is especially challenging because of the sandwiched approach to the board. If water got inside the two layers (most likely) then you would have to separate the those layers in order to do a proper job. This increases the complexity exponentially.

To be brutally honest, for a water damaged iPhone X, you should only aim to recover the data and make no other promises unless you are an advanced micro-solderer.

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I know it would be a difficult job to separate the to two layers and look for a potential issue within the motherboard. I took the motherboard out of the phone and inspected it under a microscope, where I couldn't see any signs of waterdamage on the top layer. I also checked for any shorts on the 3v0_nand line, which is a line near the edge of the motherboard, vulnerable to any water leaking in from the side of the phone, however, there were none.

I have all the right equipment to potentially fix this motherboard, however, the only thing I'm wondering about, is if the rusty components could have any affect on the motherboard and possible cause shortages.

Thanks for your replay btw.


Considering the corrosion at the bottom of the phone, I would try a replacement charge port flex to see if that helps. Otherwise, you'll have to open the sandwich and probe all of the PMIc outputs.

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If there wasn’t corrosion on the board itself I would say start by troubleshooting what components starting to fail. But u do have it so i’d say replace the mobo and moveon they aren’t that expensive. Especially since its not the current model. But if u wanna still use a mobo that has corrosion already then go ahead. But for me when the board has corrosion it now has an expiration date as to when it will fail.

Especially when u take into the account the extreme things a phone needs to do daily. So I wouldn’t risk it personally but its your choice in the end.

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