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Eine TV Spielkonsole von Sony Entertainment, auch bekannt als PS4. Sie wurde am 20. Februar 2013 angekündigt und kam am 15. November 2013 auf den Markt.

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My PS4 turns on and then turns off after a second

My PS4 turns on , blinks blue once and then turns off after a second. I checked the power supply. It seems fine, I get 12V from the power supply. I opened the ps4 up to change the thermal paste. Not my first time doing it. The ps4 worked before disassembly, but does not work after putting everything back. Anybody knows what it could be? APU?

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Seems like FW issue (in my opinion). Either bootloader can’t load from HDD, or it is broken.

In first situation an HDD replacement can save the day.

In second having someone to flash your PS4 might help.

Not gonna say that it is going to work, but it can be worth a shot.

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Tried a different hdd, tried getting into safe mode. Nothing worked, unfortunately.


Did safe mode even turned on? If not, then it could be EEPROM issue (or some other HW related issue)... In that situation the only possible solution I see is giving it to repair technician.


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