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Die Apple Watch Series 1 ist eine Überarbeitung der ursprünglichen Apple Watch, sie wurde am 7. September 2016 angekündigt. Die meisten Teile sind die gleichen wie bei der Series 2

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Apple Watch does not power on...

I have an Apple Watch 42mm Series 1 and just recently installed a new battery and a force touch sensor. I tried to follow the guide as closely as possible when taking apart the watch and later putting everything back together. After I sealed it all shut, I placed the watch on the charger and all it does is flash the Apple Logo and would not charge or power on. Now, I’m wondering if perhaps something is wrong with the connections?

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I would take it back apart and make sure you have the battery connected properly. An iphone will flash an apple logo then reboot endlessly with no battery present. The watch probably does the same. If the battery is installed correctly then you may have a bad battery. The battery on the series 1 watch can be a little tricky to get it plugged in all the way.

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