Raid 0 recovery after logic board failure?

My 2009 Mac Pro’s logic board is dead. I have two 3T drives inside set up (in disk utility) as a raid 0. About 5.5 TB of data on them total. Will I be able to recover the raid 0 drives if: A. I replace the logic board, B. I install the drives into another working Mac Pro? If so, does it need to be a matching 2009 Mac Pro? C. Are there any other options I haven’t mentioned?

-edit: got a used Mac Pro same build. Put in raid 0 and it’s perfectly readable. Yay!

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I should mention, the raid 0 is NOT my system software drive, it's data that has been mostly backed up... but has some un-backed up stuff on it that I'd prefer not to lose if at all possible.


Update: The answer is yes, the raid 0 comes back if you find another mac pro of same model with a working logic board! Hallelujah!


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