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iPhone X Face ID won’t detect faces

So I recently purchased a smashed Iphone X and an Icloud one in order to get a working one. I basically put the motherboard, front camera and the sensors from the screen into the Icloud one and everything works except from the fact when I try to set up Face ID. It tries to detect my face but nothing happens then proceeds to say Face ID is unavailable. Any idea what could be the problem?  It lets me try and set it up so I know all the correct parts are there as it can activate it but it just can’t see my face

thanks in advance

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FaceID and the logic board are paired. Only apple can re-pair them.

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I know that’s why I also changed over all the parts connected to the Face ID


Update: just reset it back to factory settings and it now works, seems to have been a software issue


apologies on what happened back there. we had a slight... issue.


The children have now been removed. Cammy, if this answer solved your problem please accept it so it can be archived to help others.


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