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Ocean ODK 330 NF X A+ refrigerator not cooling but the freezer is

I have the refrigerator not cooling but the freezer is. A tech tell me to put the supply off for 24hrs to remove ice formed, then put On again, in the freezer there is a flap which must be in middle and in the refrigerator the thermostat is on no3 out of 7. but after that the problem is not improved. Refrigerator make is Ocean ODK 330 NF X A+What to do , please advise

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Hi I have almost the same problem with the same model Ocean odk 330 , but instead frost blocks the passage of cold air to he lower part of the refrigerator every 4 days and the lower part turns warm instead. I have changed the general thermostat , defrost timer and thermostatic defrost switch. Where could the problem lie? Need help.


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Hi @shivseep ,

Could you please verify the model number of your refrigerator as I cannot find it listed here. (click on “more models” link on left side of page)

Can you hear the evaporator fan running inside the freezer compartment, (not the condenser fan on the outside of the refrigerator)?

The fan stops when either the fridge door or the freezer door is opened. So you should hear it stop and start as you open and close a door. (you may have to press your ear to the fridge to hear it)

If you can't hear it then it is either iced up or faulty.

As you have already allowed the fan to be "ice free" by powering the refrigerator off for 24 hours, if it is not running it is faulty.

If the fan is running, does your refrigerator compartment have a push type switch in the door frame at all, which you can manually operate to turn the fridge compartment interior light on and off?

If so push to operate the switch (which turns off the light and tricks the control board into thinking the door is closed and the fan will start again) and then check if you can feel cold air being blown into the refrigerator compartment through a vent, usually somewhere at the back of the compartment.

If you can’t feel any air at all then the damper flap may be stuck in the closed position.

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Hi @fjadouce100,

If there is ice build up and the refrigerator is going into its’ auto defrost cycle OK then there may be a problem with the defrost heater or a blocked drain tube.

The defrost heater is usually located below the evaporator unit which is inside the freezer compartment behind a panel. Disconnect the power from the refrigerator, remove the panel to expose the evaporator unit and then disconnect the heater element and test it for continuity. If it tests OK (not sure of its’ resistance value but a lot of heater elements are between 25 - 100 Ohms), you may have to check if power is getting to the heater. Be safety aware, usually heaters operate at mains supply voltage.

If the heater circuit is OK then it may be a blocked drain that is the cause of the problem. Usually there is a drain tube leading from below the evaporator unit to the evaporator pan under the compartments near the compressor unit. Test the tube by pouring a small measured amount of water (small glass?) down the tube and check that it all gets to the evaporator pan

When the refrigerator is in the auto defrost cycle, the compressor and evaporator fan are both turned off and the heater is turned on to help melt any accumulated ice buildup around the evaporator unit. The meltwater then drains away to the evaporator pan. If the tube is blocked, then the meltwater can’t drain away and when the defrost cycle is completed, the meltwater then refreezes as the refrigerator is cooled down again to the set freezer temp of -18 C ( 0 F) and continues to build up, as it never clears. The defrost cycle is ended due to the defrost thermostat operating when the freezer temp reaches ~ 0 deg. C (32 F). This restarts the compressor and the fan and turns off the heater), until the next defrost cycle begins usually 8-12 hours later. Time between defrost cycles is manufacturer dependent

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Hi @Jayeff,

The problem lies with the evaporator fan.It works fine under normal temperature but it spins slowly when cold, so cannot push cold air to the bottom refrigerator compartment. So this is the reason why ice was building up. Once I changed for a new fan, the problem is resolved

I thank you for your clear explanation posted 16 july. You have concisely explained how a refrigerator works. Very professional. That helped me find the solution.

Best regards.

Alain from Mauritius.


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