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iPhone 8 Plus Powe button not working after battery replacement!


I replaced the battery on my iPhone 8 plus and after the replacement all the other buttons work except the power button. The home button works etc and so does everything else on the phone.

The iPhone does have warranty (which I did not know as I bough it used) but will apple not help me because there isn't a genuine apple battery or would they not care??

Thanks in advance!

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2 Antworten

Are you comfortable enough to open it up again?

If so check all the connections to the logic board, make sure nothing is loose or torn on the right side.

You could take it to Apple for repair but they’d likely notice the battery and charge you for any repairs.

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Yes, just did that and all the connectors look fine and so do the flex cables which are visible not sure about the power button flex but that should be ok since I only touched the battery


Do you still have the old battery? You could put it back in and head to apple


You can turn on accessibility for the time being. This article explains how



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I suspect you have damaged the power button flex when trying to remove the elastic tape at the top. hang in a new flex to see if the problem is restored.

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