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The HP Envy 5660 e-all-in-one printer is meant to print, scan, and copy including features such as wireless printing and a color touchscreen. Model number: F8B04A

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Paper Jam and gears grinding

The printer won’t print an error screen comes up stating paper jam. I followed all therir instructions and still don’t see a paper jam. As the cartridges move aross it sounds like the gears are grinding on the right side.

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The reasons for this error can be different every time.

Step 1 : Check thoroughly for even a small piece of paper might be stucked in the printer.

Step 2 : Clean some of the gears inside the printer. After some years they need cleaning .

Step 3 : Some times there is an issue with a small elecromagnet inside the printer that is used to track the paper inside . For this step you might need to give the printer for repair. It still worth the money.

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