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The Amazon Echo 2nd Generation was released on October 31, 2017. It is a 5.8" tall Bluetooth smart speaker that features Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that can answer questions and play music.

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My aux port doesn't work

I haven’t gotten quality speakers until a year later so the warrant just ended. I plugged in the aux cable for the first time and it doesn’t make any sound. It doesn’t really click in and instead just kinda sits there. It’s making a weak connection because the echo does recognize it’s connected if wiggled in the right position because it stops playing music at that moment. I think the aux port broke loose and needs to be repositioned or something similar. Is it possible to access the bottom of the echo and repair the aux port?

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It seems to me that in the Alexa app, then the device’s settings, you can change how the AUX port operates between in and output settings. As for the port being “loose” or out of line, it is soldered to the board making a replacement far more difficult. Not impossible, but my two cents would be to look for a replacement “AMP Board”. Hope this helps!

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