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How do I fix sunken keys in the middle of the keyboard

I have sunken keys in the middle of laptop keyboard due to poor installation by the service person and I have been refused further service.

All the keys in middle of the keyboard and sunken, and it is due to having a lack of support under the keyboard., however it is still functional.

If it is relevant , the keyboard model is HP Pavilion - 15-bc231tx

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I will be grateful for any suggestions! I am completely new to self repair.


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Remove the keyboard and see if the supporting base has been bent inward. Here’s how to do it:



This video should show you how to get to the battery:


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Hello mayer, thanks for your answer! I have a few questions to ask. My laptop model has an inbuilt battery, is it necessary to remove it? If so , how do I do so?

Also, the keyboard does not come off the top but rather it is under the laptop casing, any tips on that?

Thank you mayer


If the supporting base has been bent inwards , is there a fix or anyway to put in a support for the keyboard?


I am not familiar with your model. First see if you can determine if this is the problem. You would probably need to tear it down until you can get to the bottom side of the keyboard and push it back up.


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Try unscrewing the back of the keyboard and if something is out of place, put it back to where it was. If some springs are broken, order replacements. If nothing is visible that is causing the problem, contact the manufacturer.

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