Crashes on boot - need to extract contacts

My wife’s Nokiasaurus (model RM-643) crashes on booting. I need to get her contacts off it but unfortunately they’re all on the phone itself, not the SIM card.

It takes much longer to boot than it should (several minutes). If it get as far as the home screen with the various icons, it crashes immediately and before I can navigate to and launch Contacts. More often it crashes before getting that far.

I suspect the FLASH memory is tired and some locations are unreadable. That may account for why it’s inconsistent - sometimes some locations read ok and sometimes they don’t. Can anyone suggest any more tricks than I’ve already tried?

  • I tried putting it in the freezer (silicon ICs work better cold), but that made no difference.
  • I tried fully charging it, and trying to boot it while still plugged into the charger - no improvement.
  • I tried connecting to it by USB with Nokia PC Suite but it wasn’t detected.
  • I tried searching for it with Bluetooth during booting using Nokia PC Suite but it wasn’t detected. (In any case Bluetooth is probably off as my wife doesn’t use it, and even if on, it’s almost certainly not discoverable.)
  • I disassembled it but found no evidence of water damage, corrosion or build-up of dust.
  • I searched online for schematics in the hope of finding something I could do with the test points on the main board, but couldn’t find any (even on Russian sites).

I don’t have the means to try reflowing it. Anything else I could try?

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