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does my 120gb WD green ssd have trim support on mac? (WDS120G2G0B)

I have a 120 GB WD Green SSD WDS120G2G0B

I would like to enable TRIM on it. I’m trying to use it in a mid 2012 13” MacBook Pro

Does this SSD support TRIM in Mac-OS? And should I enable TRIM?

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This is not the correct SSD drive for your MacBook Pro! Apple uses a custom drive.

Review this great guide The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs which will give you the guidance to get the correct Apple SSD or you could go with either a OWC or Transcend 3rd party drives that are compatible


its a mid 2012 not a late 2012


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OSX doesn’t enable trim by default like windows does (unless the drive was preinstalled). You can enable it by typing

sudo trimforce enable

Into the terminal.

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