Battery temperature too low after salt-ish water damage

I enter a river which flow in to the sea (it taste like salt water) with my Huawei P20 lite on a cellphone bag, when the inside starts to condensate I “cleaned it” with my wet hand leaving a small pool inside the bag. I didn’t notice until I reinsert my phone.

I left my phone unattended for an hour or so with the power still on and nothing happens until it turn itself off… After two days I left it drying it turns on 3% of the battery and didn’t charge any percentage when I plug it in.

I order and replace the battery and the miniboard where the usb is plugged. I have the same results. It recognize that I plugged in. Says that its in fastcharge mode, but the percentage does not increase.

The inside of the phone seems normal, it only shows the battery flex port and the back of the earpiece with greenish dust, (I of course cleaned it with a qtip and isopropyl alcochol) and the back of the cameras instead of having a solid metal plate it has like a gruyère cheese back.

I notice that only increase when I expose the phone to heat. It says that the temperature of the battery is around -10 to 0 ºC which is clearly wrong. What do I have to do? I hear that to put the whole phone in the oven works.

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