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Modell A1369, 1.6, 1.7, oder 1.8 GHz Prozessor, 64, 128 oder 256 GB Flash Speicher.

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Battery was in need of replacement. Now it won't turn on, or charge.

I’m working on my girlfriends a1369 MacBook Air. It has been working fine aside from having the “service battery” message in OSX. Well, I was getting ready to buy a new battery, but now the laptop won’t charge, or turn on. There is no longer an orange or green light on the Magsafe. I tried a charger from my MacBook Pro and it didn’t work, tried her charger on mine and it’s fine. I cleaned out the port to make sure that wasn’t an issue. I’ve tried resetting the SMC, but it did nothing since it won’t power on. I opened it up and disconnected the battery for an hour and still nothing.

Is this an I/O board problem? Shouldn’t the laptop still power on even with a bad battery?

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You are right, it should power up even without the battery. Since you’ve already ruled out charger issues, next reasonable step would be to try to replace the I/O board and connecting flat cable too to be the safe side.

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I have had replace battery soon message too but my laptop was charging just fine up until I had it sent to an authorized service provider after spilling milk tea on it. They reassembled or replaced the left i/o board and the flex cable but when i got my laptop back it wasn’t charging after a certain point and clicking the battery icon would show a message under the replace soon battery message that the battery wasn’t charging. every new charger plugged in would charge my macbook up to a point then stop and then it would just power and hold the battery at that point but not charge it further

Since the left i/o and flex cable have been fixed I’m wondering what the issue really is


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If you are not seeing a green light on the magsafe charger the first place i would start is with trying a new magsafe charger. If that doesn’t work try a new ribbon cable that connects the i/o board to the main logic board. If that does not solve your issue, move to the i/o board and replace it.

If all of the above fail to bring back green light on your magsafe charger then there is an issue with your SMC and you will either have to replace it if you have the skill, send it out for board repair, or replace the board.

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