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Which Brands Tend to be the best for user-replaceable Parts?

The only tech brand that immediately comes to mind for me is IBM/Lenovo. Does anyone know if there’s a non-enterprise brand for printer support? I know this would apply to most large copiers used in offices, but I’m thinking more for home use or possibly small business.

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Thats a very subjective question ;-}

It all depends on what it is and the given devices age.

Most major manufactures have reduced the availability of their parts in one way or another.

  • Some have reduced the number of discreet parts focusing on more sub assemblies which can sometimes make a simple repair overly costly.
  • Others have focused on supporting their support partners so independent service companies have no access at all.
  • And lastly, limiting the availability of parts for a set limit of time.

They all fail in one way or another.

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