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Samung 28" 4K UHD Monitor. Model #LU28E510DS/ZA.

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I have horizontal lines on my monitor

my monitoir form time to time gets horrizontal lines at the very bottom sometimes 10 lines sometimes 2 lines. it is the 32 inch version samsung 4k ultra monitor

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I got a 32" CHG70 with somewhat same issue. Mostly when i turn it on from very cold. Like overnight at an open window with close to frost temperature outside. It boots up with lines flickering at the bottom.

Leaving it to heat up. Maybe preheat it b4 throwing a signal at it fixes the issue.

Guidelines to testers testing monitors like this, is to allow them to heat up first. That and extreme cold was my issue. (Sounds like 1980’s monitors, but im not kidding ^^)

Ofc there are many other culprits to consider as earlier answers have stated.

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This is absolutely the issue I've encountered. After traveling for work, the lines re-appeared after having not shown for a while. I let the monitor warm up and then 'switched' the signal and the lines disappeared.


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This could be a couple things. So i’ll try to make a recommendation for each.

1. Check your cables. If you are using something with a 4k output to a 4k monitor but not using 4k cables then I have seen some strange display issues. If it is an older cable try a newer or different one just to rule out that it isn’t that.

2. Check another device. Does the monitor still have the same issue when something else other than what you are currently using is hooked up?

3. It’s the monitor. It could be either the main board or the panel itself. Normally if it is a panel though you would see the lines at all times.

I hope this helps a little!

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Nope. Thanks for playing.


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