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Whirlpool WRF736SDAM14 not cooling enough and makes loud humming noise

About a month ago our fridge stopped producing ice like it did. There’s a small amount in the bottom of the tray and I’ve noticed the fridge doesn’t feel as cold. My freezer will keep things frozen like meats, but soft things like ice cream and frozen juice are soft, not melted, but soft. We cleaned our coils at the bottom of the freezer hoping that would do it but it didn’t work. Now our fridge is constantly making a really loud humming sound. Any ideas?

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Hi @hallk ,

Check the temp in the freezer with a thermometer.

It should by approx 0 deg. F (-18 deg C)

Also check the temp in the refrigerator section.

It should be approx 38 deg F (3 deg C)

If they're not approx these temps, there may be a problem with the evaporator fan in the freezer compartment.

It may be faulty or iced up.

Check if you can hear the fan running with both the doors closed. The fan stops when a door is opened and starts again when the door is closed. You may have to press an ear against the fridge to hear it stop and start.

If you can't hear check if the fan is iced up (the fan is behind a panel in the freezer).

If it is iced up there may be a problem with the defrost system in the freezer, either the defrost heater or the defrost thermostat etc.

If it is not iced up check if it is operating OK. Mark a fan blade and then close the doors and then open them a few seconds later to check if the blade has moved.


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Hi @jharrisjr123

Did you check the fan near the condenser (and compressor motor) located under the cabinet or the evaporator fan which is inside the freezer compartment located behind the evaporator panel, inside at the back of the compartment?

To access the evaporator fan you have to remove the panel (access is through the freezer door at the front) to see the fan. (see image in this parts diagram for your model. Part #4 is the panel, part #13 is the fan motor)

It is the evaporator fan that blows the cold air from the freezer compartment into the refrigerator compartment to cool down the refrigerator compartment to the set temp.

The condenser fan is used to cool down the condenser when it gets too hot,

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Yes I did …it didn’t have alot frost on it and everything seemed to working after unplugging for 4 hours…when it went down again yesterday after working for 5 days I unplugged again and checked out the bottom freezer fan everything seems normal again not sure why it’s humming


Hi @jharrisjr123

Try running the diagnostic service test #3 Evaporator Fan and Air Baffle Motors as described in the tech sheet for the refrigerator and check if it shows if anything is wrong.


@jharrisjr123 I'm no expert on residential refrigeration, as I normally do commercial... but there isn't a whole Lotta room inside an evap compartment in a fridge/freezer. Won't take much ice to stop the evap fan. From what you're describing it sounds like you might have a defrost issue. Because unplugging it lets some ice melt, freeing the fan. Next time it happens, go back in there with a hair dryer and try manually defrosting it. See if that doesn't get it going faster. Let us know what happens.


Will do fridge is working now 2 days in… running very cold…I will keep eye on it and hope the humming noise doesn’t come back …also ordered a new air filter and changed it would that have to do anything with defrost issues?


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Check to see if your evaporator fan blade is damaged. The evaporator fan blade is normally located near the compressor at the bottom rear of the refrigerator. It has two purposes 1) to blow away heat. And. 2) to ciculate air over the drain pan so that the defrost drainage will vaporate.

Since this fan blade sits low and goes on and off, it can hit a mouse and become damaged and when it gets damaged. When damaged, it hums loudly and needs replaced. Then get your model number and order a new one online.

Dont forget to go to whirlpool sites and look for “trouble shooting guide” &/or to YouTube for free “How to Repair or Replace”. how to fix it videos.

I hope this helps!

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I had a similar issue come up with this model recently …the evaporator fan seems to making a loud buzzing noise from freezer ..I pulled out fridge checked the condenser and checked the fan in the back seemed to be working fine… I was getting no air flow in refrigerator and 40 degrees in the freezer in the bottom drawer…I unplugged for 4 hours and plugged backed in and it worked fine for a week and now it happened again..I’m wondering if this is an issue with defrost ..I also didn’t see a lot of ice build up in the back ..what would the fan be hitting and making that loud buzzing noise?


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