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My Monitor Lose signal when playing video games

My Monitor randomly lose signal when playing video games and I can hear the sound of a disconnected USB when this occur, also I can still hear the sound of the game running on the backgroud for a minute or so and I had to hard reset my Computer by pressing the power button to turn it off and then restart . I checked my CPU and GPU temperatures and they are just fine never got above 60C, I changed the thermal paste for both of them.

first it happened when I was playing Borderlands 2, and I was playing this game for over 2 years now on the same rig and had no problem at all, and now it happens again with other titles and even with non demanding games.


I7 4790

Nvidia GTX 970

x1 8Go RAM

1 To HDD

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something you can try is to “bake” the GPU . this is not necessarily a permanent fix but I have found it to work permanently on several machines I have. I did this on my Imac and it has continued to work for at least 4 months without issue. hear is a link to the video. https://youtu.be/5aQPPaeczyM

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Thanks for the answer, I never thought of baking the GPU, I did it few times for some motherboards, and I will definitely try it with the GPU, thank you again for the tip and I'll replay again if anything new happens


Well i did the baking and sadly it didn't help , the problem remain the same, but in my case , my graphics card use an 8 pin pci-e connector and a 6 pin connector, from my understanding, the card needs 145 watts, 120 watts coming from the 8pin connector and an extra 60 watts coming from the 6pin connector, and for that one it have 2x3 molex cable, and I thought that pluginig only one should be enough to deliver those extra 60 watts, so I decided to plug the second one and tryed to play some demanding games and it didn't lost the signal to the monitor, I played for about 4 hours straight, and it seems that the problem is gone, but I need more testing to see if that was the source of my problem because for the past 3 years I played all types of extremely demanding games without any issues, my question is , was it the right thing I did by plunging both of the connectors to the second pci-e power cable, will it cause any problem to the card? and also, and if it's ok , why it happens after more than 3 years???


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I think that you have problems with cooler and your graphics card gets overheated. I had a very same problem something like a year ago. I was playing Overwatch and my PC started to shut down the monitor from time to time. The problem was - I've found the cheapest Overwatch boost service and spent some money on my hero's boosting. And I was feeling sorry because I was loosing this money due to the inability to play. But I solved problem by buying and installing a new cooler.

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