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4-Zoll iPhone herausgebracht im März 2016 mit ähnlicher Hardware und Spezifikationen wie das 6s. Erhältlich in Silber, Space Grau, Gold oder Roségold mit 16/64 GB Speicher. Modell A1662 und A1723.

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How do I install my back glass properly?


Everytime I try to install the top black glass for the iphone se, it either breaks from pressure or sticks up and isn’t secure. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Hi i'm just confused, are you sure you have an SE? they don't have a back glass


Yes I'm sure, it has 2 slabs of glass - one on the top and the bottom. Just like the 5/5s


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Glass should come with an already cut biadhesive and you would just need to moderately heat it up and apply little pressure to stick it properly in place unless there’s something out of place. Make sure with a good light source and a magnifier there are no old shards left in place. Housing replacements are likely never original parts and the glass may be thicker than needed..check with the original broken parts if you still have them around that thickness is the same.

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Thanks, I'll try heating it up this time and see if it works


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Check your model again.

iPhone SE SIM Einschub austauschen

Apple iPhone SE Back Cover


Block Image



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He has the right model, just realized he means the black parts at the top and bottom of the back of the phone


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Hi OneSteelTank,

I have recently encountered this problem. The way I got around this, was by making sure that the back frame is sitting flush around the whole of the phone. If all parts of the frame a sitting flush, then check your camera/flash assembly as this is the problem that I had. My rear camera was sitting 1mm to the left, therefore, whenever I pressed down to adhere the glue, my glass panel cracked upon the pressure.

Upon this not working, a complete tear-down may be the best solution.

Kind regards,


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