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Reparaturanleitungen für Computer, die über kein integriertes Display verfügen und für den stationären Gebrauch gedacht sind.

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Can I take my hard drive from my old pc and put it in my new pc?


I am upgrading to a better computer and I was wanting to know if I could take the hard drive from my old pc(hp) and put it in the new pc(dell). The problem is, the HP has an AMD cpu, whereas the dell has an intel cpu.

The hard drive itself is a decent one, it is a Western Digital blue 1TB WD10EZEX, fast little drive.

The only problems I could see happening are driver issues, but I have driver install/repair software that works well.

So my question is, will this work or not?

**Note, this will not be permanant, I only plan to run this setup untill I have enough money to buy a new HDD and SSD.**

Update 1/27/19

I just tried this today, and it did not work!!. The computer turned on and everything, but there was no display and it seems to have failed to detect the wifi module because it would not come online on teamviewer, so I wasnt able to go in and remotely fix the problem.

What do I do now?

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You should have no problems as long as the old drive a an SATA rather than an IDE. In other words, if the connectors are the same you are OK.

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So there shouldn't be any issue with switching to an entirely different processor? Also, both pcs use sata connectors.


I just posted an update, more or less it did not work at all.


Programs like Acronis True Image have their universal mode which automatically updates drivers during first boot up on a "new" system.

I've successfully used it many times.


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