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LInes down middle of screen

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Phone has lines down the middle of the screen, would it need a screen replacement although nothing is cracked on the screen? or is something just not connected inside, ? and lets say i have to take the screen off to connect something inside, is there anything i need to order from here to make sure the screen sticks back on??

thank you

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if you have waranty let apple fix it, otherwise you can try to clean connectors of lcd and reseat the connectors, if that doesnt help you need a new lcd screen.

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This happens with mainly IPads but this has happened to me before.

Have you tried:

- hard reset: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the

Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

- Restoring the iPhone : see page 140 of IPhone User's Manual. It is done via iTunes.

If you have had a screen replacement try these:

check the connection between the flex cables and the logic board If the connectors are obstructed by dust or debris, try to clear them away with a brush and rubbing alcohol. If the connectors are damaged or the flex ribbon is bent over 90°, well, a replacement is needed. After checking those, reconnect the flex cables to the motherboard, making sure the connectors are properly connected.

possibly the IC on the display is damaged if both of the above methods don’t help. Check the part on the top left and right corners in particular. If there’s any damage or one of them has been crushed or the IC has been damaged then your part is defective. You’ll have to replace the screen with a new one.



the screen has to be replaced if the IC was broken. Do not squeeze the IC to avoid damaging it.


Lastly, be sure to use an extension flex to test the screen before reassembly to prevent unnecessarily folding of the flex ribbons, as well as to prevent damage to the fragile connectors.

Tutorials on how to do this here:




If all else fails try to get apple to fix it under a warranty

Hope this helps!

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sorry if its a bit long...


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