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Vorgestellt am 16. September 2016. Modelle A1661, A1784 und A1785. Verfügbar mit 32, 128 oder 256 GB internem Speicher in den Farben Rose-Gold, Gold, Silber, Schwarz, Diamantschwarz und Rot.

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Muffled microphone after 7+ screen replacement?

Hi, changed a 7 Plus screen and now the microphone sounds muffled when on a call? Quite a few people have mentioned it from the other end.

Any ideas?

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2 Antworten

Hello Shwan,

Are we talking on speaker or just normal calls? Sometimes the flexcable is not perfectly placed and this can cause this.

Kind regards,

Tom Damman


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open the phone and locate the mic(bottom right), remove the black plastic holding it in place and carefully pry the mic back off its mounting(carefull not to tare it), now with the phone open test the mic, if its clear then replace the mesh or pierce a small hole in it, if its still crappy then replace the charge port flex.

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