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Why is water under panel below vegetable drawers in refrigerator?

When i press down on the panel under vegetable drawer in refrigerator I hear water moving / squishing underneath so i cant see where it is coming from . Fridge is a FRIGIDAIRE FRT18C4A . Any help will appreciated.

Update (02/05/2019)

Hi Thanks for the response , but the water isn’t overflowing in the fridge area it is under the panel right below the vegetable drawers. I checked the drain tube it looks okay , but water is still accumulating under the paneI . I know because when i press down on it I feel water moving around.

I don’t know how else to explain, So here is picture that might help explain where is the water is accumulating. It is right below that section as I mentioned before when i press down it i feel water moving around . I hope this helps to explain it .

Block Image

Block Image

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There is a drain tube, under the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment that drains the meltwater when the fridge is in the defrost mode, to a pan under the fridge near the compressor allowing it to evaporate away.

If the tube is blocked with ice or other debris the water can overflow into the fridge area.

Try thawing the drain tube area completely and check that water can flow all the way to the evaporator pan under the fridge.

If it doesn’t drain correctly after this the tube may have to be replaced.

Also check that the drain tube is positioned to dispense into the pan under the fridge and has not come adrift from its connection

Here’s a link to the parts for your fridge (I think).

Type drain tube in the search box in the centre of the page next to Parts diagram (6) and press enter, then click on the highlighted System diagram to view the part and its’ cost.

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The only thing that I can think of is that hopefully it is not a break in the internal tubing connecting the freezer compartment to the drain tube at the bottom of the fridge.

You mentioned that the drain tube looks OK but did you try pouring a bit of water down the freezer drain hole and check that all of it is coming out of the drain tube at the bottom and into the evaporator pan?

Perhaps the tubing has come adrift from the freezer hole connector and the melt water is trickling down the cabinet wall to under the floor of the refrigerator

According to the parts diagram (if I linked the correct one) your refrigerator doesn't have an ice maker or a water dispenser so there is no water being supplied to the refrigerator so the only "water" that would be available must be coming either from the freezer as melt water or perhaps as possible condensation in the fridge section, but that would mean a crack in the floor of the fridge where the crispers are standing so that it would flow under the floor and it would also be wet under them


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