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The LG X Style LGL56VL was released in June of 2016, the LG X Style is a five inch smartphone with a touch screen display. Repair of this device is similar to various other LG and android cell phones requiring prying tools and screwdrivers.

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What is wrong with my screen?

Okay, so I actually have the LG Stylo 4. I just activated it yesterday, and only dropped it once. Not from a very far distance. The screen isn’t cracked at all, but I get this weird, (the only way to describe it is filter), over the screen. Like with vertical white lines, like something off of Instagram almost? It makes the screen very difficult to see. I don’t have any sort of display settings that say anything about a filter except the blue light, which when it’s on or off, the filter still shows up. And when I lock my phone and leave it for a bit, it disappears, but reappears when I start to use my phone again! I’ve been all over google, and no one seems to have the same problem. Most of it is just about cracked screens with lines, but my screen isn’t cracked at all.

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I saw this problem for a tablet long time ago. You may have damaged internal LCD wiring. (Not display connector.) Could also be damaged motherboard, but if it was, the phone wouldn’t run at all.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thank you!


You can buy a new display and install yourself, if you're willing to risk your device. If not, just take it to a repair shop.


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