Screen won't turn on and won't stay turned on.

Laptop fell from 4 feet. Everything on the outside seems intact. No cracked screen or missing buttons, but now, whenever I turned it on, I can hear the fans whirring for a few seconds before dying down and the screen won't turn on. It stays black the whole time. What do I do?

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Do the fans turn off as in the computer dies and turns itself off?


Yeah, it all dies off.


Hi @lexmi ,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Have you opened it up to check for loose RAM, if it is easy to access?

Does it do this with the charger connected and switched on?


I can't see what the model number is from the outside. I don't know how loose RAM would look like, sorry. And small update: when I turn it on, it stays on longer, like a whole minute now.


Hi @lexmi ,

So there is no label on the back or underneath with any information on it then or even a name on the case etc?

Turning on and then off again is not a good sign.

Are there any "beeps" heard or LEDs (around the keyboard area or wherever the lights are or your laptop. Power light, caps lock, etc) blinking when you first turn on the laptop?

If there is, is there a pattern to the beeps e.g. 4 beeps pause 4 beeps pause or a pattern to the lights e.g. on steady , blinking count the number between pauses etc.?


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Your LCD display most likely blacked out. It would need to be replaced then should be good as new as long as no other components were damaged you should be good.

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