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The Dell Inspiron 15-5552 features a 15.6" HD screen, and an Intel Celeron processor.

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Why won't my laptop power on? Motherboard? I'm positive that's the iss

Ok I have the Dell Inspiron 15 5552 laptop, and there is a known issue with the motherboard and so far the only solution I've found that somewhat works is a heating pad and several hours wrapped up and then it's a maybe, maybe not situation. I just know there has to be a permanent fix that won't cost me in repairs or parts. Please someone help me! Thank you!!

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This can be caused by 3 components; the power adapter, the DC in cable or the motherboard. Try pressing F12 when the Dell logo splash screen appears and choose BIOS from the menu. The top section has information about the computer and power information. Check to see if the AC adapter is being detected as anything except 1 watt and also see if the battery shows as OK. You can choose Diagnostics from the F12 menu, if this completes then the motherboard is good, if there are errors in specific components like battery or AC adapter then that should point out the failure. If the computer does not boot then most of the time it is the motherboard, AC adapter is next common and the DC in cable is last.

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It says there is issue with the battery or ac adapter. And the motherboard is a common issue with this model. I just don't understand how I can wrap it up in a heating pad for a couple of hours and it will work perfect as long as it stays hot but I can't start it from it being dead cold room temperature and it actually work


That part did not make sense to me either. That is why I suggested running diagnostics.


Bad connection. Heat makes metal expand and connection is made. Cools down, metal shrinks and connection is open again. Simple.

Open up and try reseating RAM and CPU if socketed.


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