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Modell A1312 / Mitte 2011 / 2,7 & 3,1 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac12,2

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machine does not move at all

High there! Odd hardware failure on an 27” mid 2011. Died in action. First idea: PSU failure. Changed PSU, no reaction. Tried a different one, no reaction. Took one from working machine, that was functional 5 minutes ago. Nothing. Pulled the power button plug & hotwired the Mac, no reaction.

My guess, that the main entry on the LB is faulty, e.g. logicboard replacement !?

Any other ideas, what to do? THX in advance.

Greetings from Krautland

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What does the onboard diagnostic LED's telling you?


Hi Dan! The onboard diagnostic LED's r telling zilch! Not a sign of light!


Replace the line cord and check the socket


Hi Dan! Those were the first things I did, 'before' I asked that question! I may be a stupid Kraut, but I know 'wott too doo', before yelling: 'Help'!

THX anyway;, so I guess: Life functions terminated ( See: Space Odyssey )

Greetings from Krautland

A. deLarge


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I had the issue once ended up being the PSU after replacement worked fine. I agree with Dan replace the line cord and check the socket.

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