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Vertical Lines on Display and Flickering

Hi Guys,

Today suddenly my Dell U2417H  monitor picture start flickering and appears some vertical lines on it, even when It’s not connected to any source like laptop or desktop this problem still exists.

It was broken from the top right side but It was working and didn’t have this new issue and picture quality except that broken area was completely clear.

Block Image

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Vertical lines. Always one about 1/4 screen from right. Sometimes two close together and sometimes a third or even fourth more to the center. Same issue with different computers different cables.


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Your screen is broken. It needs to be replaced.

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Ack. Okay thanks.



I have called to Dell support and ask for Display replacement, the customer representative told me, Dell won't do display replacement for this model and Also I have searched for LCD Replacement Part for doing by my own but unfortunately, I didn't find an LCD replacement part for this model on the market despite this is not old model.


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