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iPhone 8 Plus will not turn on after charging?

My iPhone 8 Plus was at 70% when I woke up a few days ago and I went to charge it before I left the house, 30 minutes went by and I decided to go get my phone. When I picked it up it would not turn on. I tried all the various force restart methods and nothing worked. I tried plugging it into iTunes and it wouldn’t pick up my device. I took it to apple and they said that the battery wasn’t the problem and they tried to charge me 400$ for a refurbished replacement, but that’s what I’m trying to avoid because I know there is something else that can work. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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You mean thy wanted to give you a refurbished phone for 400?


Yeah, it’s ridiculous.


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Chances are the charging chip has gone bad on the phone. I recommend taking the phone to a reputable local repair shop that does micro-soldering for iPhones to get it fixed.

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I even used a wireless charger and the phone still didn’t turn on. The phone still charges but it won’t do anything.


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