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Modellnummer A1707. Veröffentlicht im Juni 2017, erschien dieses MacBook Pro mit Kaby Lake Prozessoren mit bis zu 2,9 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Prozessoren, mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,9 GHz.

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Maximum Fingerprint Limit Reached after Top-Case Replacement

I have this Macbook Pro 15 inch Touch-bar 2017, I swapped the top case to fix my keyboard, all features working perfect when I started (except the keyboard, that’s the reason I did it.)

After I completed the task, all features function, except that my Power Button (with Touch ID) keeps saying Maximum Fingerprint Limit Reached.

Things I tried:

  • Boot into Recovery and use the Terminal to xartutil —erase-all
  • Removed Fingerprints from my iPhone which uses the Same Apple ID.
  • Added new Fingerprints using my iPhone which uses the same Apple ID.
  • Reinstalled the OS.
  • Did not harm the Enclave or logic board to the best of my knowledge.

Apple isn’t interested in replacing my logicboard for free, they identified the top-case as replaced.

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Did you transfer the touch sensor from your old case to the new one? Was it damaged?

Don't understand why you messed with your iPhone, the fingerprints are not transferred between your systems.

FYI: Use Touch ID on your Mac


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Reboot your Mac into Recovery mode and use the Terminal to type in a command. Here’s how.

  • Restart or start your Mac.
  • While your Mac restarts, hold down Command + R until you see the Apple logo appear.
  • When it does, release the keys. Your Mac will now enter Recovery mode — you should see a macOS Utilities pane.
  • Click on Utilities in the top menu bar.
  • Select Terminal.
  • Once it opens, type the following command into the terminal: xartutil –erase-all
  • Press Enter / Return.
  • Type yes into the terminal.

Once all of that is done, you should be good. Just click the Apple icon in the top menu bar and select Restart.

From here, just go back to the Touch ID pane in System Preferences and try adding new fingerprints.

What if This Doesn’t Work?

This should work in the vast majority of cases. But it’s worth noting that some users have had the fingerprint bug persist even after the Terminal command.

If that’s the case, it’s recommended that you take your MacBook Pro into Apple or an Authorized Service Provider for diagnostics and possible repairs. There could be another issue at play.

Similarly, it’s pretty likely that Apple is aware of this bug and is working on a fix that a might do away with the disconnect between macOS and the Secure Enclave.

Because of that, just make sure to keep your MacBook Pro up-to-date by installing the latest macOS software updates.

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this does not work for T2-equipped Macs. After the erase the SSD volume gets unmountable.

To make it mountable again you’ll need to delete it and re-create.

Restoring from TimeMachine returns back to the fingerprints issue.

Re-install the system from scratch is not an option I would like to follow. Too much of installation and configuration required

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Time to visit an Apple Store or an Apple authorized service center for diagnostics and possible repairs.


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