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The second generation named the Freelander 2 (codename L359) debuted at the 2006 British International Motor Show.

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My LR2 is completely dead and the battery is fine

I have a 2010 LR2. Yesterday I put the fob in the ingnition and the dash lit up and started going crazy. Afterwards the car was completely dead, the battery had died and when a new brewery was installed everything was fine except the car would not start. The dash displayed a error message for HDC (Hill Decent Control) system fault, system not available. No click, no grind just dead silence.

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Hi @drrloringberry ,

Don't know the answer but thought that the info in this link may be of some help.


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Hi there!

In the engine bay, there should be a rubber button (orange or red) I don’t remember correctly. But try pushing it in. If you can’t try hitting it with a fist or a wrench and it should pop up and afterward just push it in. Don’t brake the button though! and try starting it again.

Let me know if that helped :)

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