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Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera DCS-936L by D-Link. The camera is complete with a built-in CPU and web server that can transmit quality images and videos for security surveillance.

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How do I get my dlink camera to record to SD Card?

I set the dlink camera up to record and store to SD, but when I checked the card, it was blank. How do I get the camera to record? I want more than just a brief snippet.

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Hi @lschlax ,

What capacity micro SD card is installed in the camera?

Have you formatted the SD card in the camera, prior to use?

Have you checked the LOG file in the camera to see if it is recording snapshots/videos to the SD Card at the selected times etc? In the User Interface go to Status > Log to view the events.

Here's a link to the user manual which may be of some help

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