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LTE Version des iPad Mini 2. Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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swollen ipad battery...needs replaced?

bought an ipad mini 2 off ebay…came with a swollen battery (go figure)

I paid about $60 for it, the seller offered a partial refund of $40 because he forgot to mention it…so would end up being $20 (a steal)

he said he never had a problem with it. i’ve been using it for two weeks now and never had a issue with it. screen works fine. charges and holds a charge just like new. so my questions are

(1) is it dangerous? like does it require replacement or am I OK to keep using it as is?

(2) can I, by myself, replace the battery? I’ve replaced two iphone batteries, it’s pretty easy but those batteries weren’t swollen. Or is a swallow battery some risk factor and only an expert can replace it?

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It is very dangerous to leave it in. Replace it now. But open it up and get that battery out before it cracks your screen. Here’s how:

iPad Mini 2 LTE Akku ersetzen

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