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Die Wi-Fi Version von Apples iPad 6, erschienen im März 2018. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64-bit A10 Fusion Prozessor.

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Apple Light Mod Question

Hey everyone,

i am an active member to the ifixit forum, however I have a question about a mod I’ll be performing. I’ve done several logo light mods to the iPhones, however there is no mod available for the iPad. I am able to remove the IPad 6 logo and have it 3D printed so it would be transparent so I can install leds behind it and the logo would light up. My question though, where would I solder the LEDs power source? Would it go somewhere on the LCD Panel or somewhere on the board such as the backlight filter? I only want the logo leds to turn on when my screen is lit and I’m using it. After it’s locked, the logo would turn off.

can someone lead me where I would solder the logo leds on the IPad 6 to make this mod possible? I already have the transparent logo and the leds working with my meter, and the ground to any screw, just lost on where I would solder the positive lead side to the iPad for current only when iPad is being used…

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You could try to solder the leds to a ribbon cable that could take power from the battery, like other mods for the iPhones, if you had a cable like so from a broken mod kit.

Update (03/05/2019)

Run a jumper wire from the logo to PPLED_OUT_A that drives 20volts to the LEDs should work.

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It’ll work off battery but I want it modified so it only works when the screen receives power and shuts off when you lock the screen. I was told you can solder to the L4601 anode filter which would make this mod work


It'd probably require a specific splice to the LCD power to have it work the way you need it.


I’ve found a solution I think will work. Running a jumper wire from the logo to PPLED_OUT_A that drives 20volts to the LEDs should work


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