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The Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured and marketed by FCA's Dodge brand since model year 2009, with a mild facelift for 2011 model-year.

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Not much heat coming out. Please help me

I need help please. Just purchased a 2010 Dodge Journey. Found out that cold air was coming out of the passenger side of car. We had it flushed out, new thermostat, and finally a new heater core. We still don’t have sufficient heat it is like semi warm both sides. What else can we check? Thanks for reading.

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The water pump system circulates coolant from the radiator, through the engine block, to a heater core, and then back to the radiator. ... A failing auxiliary water pump will not typically keep you from driving your vehicle, it can definitely affect your comfort in the winter and in severe cold conditions.

Try taking it to a major auto parts stores that does free computer read outs to help you diagnose it.

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I’m not a mechanic so grain of salt this, but I have a 2013 Dodge Caravan that has climate control issues sometimes. Sometimes the vents will blow the opposite of what is selected on the climate control dial, i.e. hot air blowing out of the vents when its set to AC in the summer. Its some sort of an issue with the vacuum system and if you turn the blower off and back on a few times it usually clears itself up.

I don’t know if this will help you and its definitely not a permanent fix but its probably better than spending a bunch more money on a 10 year old car.

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There are two thermostats for this vehicle . Did you change both of them ? Also there is a sensor that sits right on top of the thermostat housing if you take that off you will see that it has a Copper leg that regulates the temp. Instead of buying a new one I just took a wire brushes to it and cleaned it up. I didn’t even know it was copper and until cleaned it. there is a small black O-ring that sits on the bottom of copper leg, i’d Replace that after cleaning it.

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