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Repair information for the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine.

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No power on my old Gaggia classic

No power or lights. I think it overheated. Is there anything I can do to fix it.

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Hi @tooty2222 ,

If you know how to use a DMM’s (digital multimeter) Ohmmeter function or know someone who does and you (or they) can read an electrical wiring diagram then you (or they) should be able to find out what the problem is.

Looking at the electrical wiring diagram, there is a fuse in the machine that should be checked first to make sure it is OK or not. After that it is a case of using the Ohmmeter in conjunction with the wiring diagram to find the problem, be it the fuse or a solenoid or a switch or a heater etc.

If it is the fuse then there is always a reason why a fuse has blown and this will have to be further investigated.

If it is a glass fuse and you can still see most of the fuse wire inside it with only a small break, it may be that the fuse a failed due to fatigue and when replaced the machine will most probably work OK. If it has completely ruptured then most likely there is another more serious problem which has caused the fuse to blow.

Be safety aware, always totally disconnect the power from electrical appliances before you open them up and begin working on them.

Here is a link to the electrical wiring diagram, the parts diagram and list and the performance test procedure (for when it is fixed), for the coffee maker which should be of some help.

If the problem is a component in the machine, besides the fuse, search online using the part number (obtained from the parts list) only in the search term of your browser, to hopefully find suppliers of the part. (I only checked a few parts and they were available)

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Hi @jayeff,

I am new to this and seemed to be facing the same problem. I will try the above, but could you please clarify what you mean by glass fuse? Does the Gaggia classic or the classic pro have more than one fuse? I checked the thermal fuse and seems to be ok, so I wanted to check other fuses (if any) before proceeding with the next steps.

Thanks a lot!



There is only the one fuse.

I couldn't tell from the parts list whether the thermofuse was enclosed in a glass tube so that you could visually check if the leads were fractured, broken or even missing or whether it was encased in a solid case i.e. unable to see into the component as it were, to see if it was damaged or not

If you can see the fuse wire etc then if it were just fractured it may just have been due to fuse fatigue and not due to an electrical overload problem


Thanks for the response. If it’s not the fuse and the machine shows no signs of life (does not power on), what else could it be?


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Hi @figarofigaro

If there's no sign of power i.e no power light and you have checked that the fuse is OK it could be an on/off switch problem or a wiring problem. of course the power light could also be blown.

Here's a the wiring diagram and you can see that when the power on/off switch (#1 on diagram) is operated current should flow down through the power on/off light (#2) and then through the fuse (#3).

So if the light isn't working when the switch is operated it is either a problem with the power cord supplying power to the machine, the on/off switch, the on/off light (although this shouldn't stop the machine from working if it was just a blown light) or the wiring between all of them.

To test safely, disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and then use an Ohmmeter to check the circuit from the power cord plug line (or active pin) right through the switch to the lamp.

If the switch is faulty i.e. no continuity when operated then search online for DM1475 to find suppliers that suit you.

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