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I'm looking for a list of books I should buy to help me learn more.

I’m looking for a list of books to help me get ready for starting my repair business if anyone has any suggestions for technical books I should add to my library please or any advice for tech support fourms/ online communities I could ask these questions to Also any advice would be helpful.

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Start here with

Rossmann Repair

Training Guide


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I don't like reading business books but I can advise the autobiography of Henry Ford "My Life, my Achievements" and the autobiography of Rockefeller. From my point of view, it's more useful to learn from successful people who have built their businesses. I downloaded a lot of textbooks from yourcoursetextbook.com and they are interesting, but it's all theory. I agree that it is important to know the basics of finance, economics, and elements of business theory, but only by starting your own business, you can understand everything you learned in college.

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These books also assisted me in understanding how to learn more efficiently and why learning is so important. Along the way, I learned to appreciate and welcome the plateaus, peaks, and falls. British Dissertation Help

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