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The Nextbook Ares 8A is an Android tablet released March 2017.

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Screen turn blue ...all apps don't responds the system UI keeps stopp

I just got this Next book Ares 8 ….date of it January 2017 I had a June 2018 8 Next book anyway I'm having problems with this one the screen will turn Blue and I looked it up on the internet and it said the the LDS burn and it needed a new screen…i just got this replacement on February 21 2019…also all the apps on it says not responding and the System UI stops and the Process system stops…it takes about 4 minutes for the gmail to get on line…i had nothing but trouble with this tablet what do I do????

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I'm not buying anything for it it's still under warranty I had a 2018 and got it at Walmart in Caro Michigan and when they send me a replacement one from the company it was a January 2017 and I can't returned it to the store cause it's the wrong one…and it cost me almost $20.00 to send the other one back to the company I have the slip on it it only cost $78.44 with tax it's going to cost me more to keep sending them back then they are worth


A lot of problems with them process system stopped too apps don't response I can go on and on


I don't think they are worth the money I paid for them and what I have to keep sending them back to the company.... So they can send me one I had when I got it at Walmart so I can return it and maybe I'll get my money back.!!!!!


I looked it up on the internal about the screen turning blue and it said the LDS burn and it needed a new screen…that means I'll have to spend another $20.00 to send it back so they can either fix it or send me another one.?.


The internal must be right…not resetting it worked…


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Why don’t you try resetting it.

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I'll factory reset it again and see if that will help it but I don't think it will I got the same email on my phone so I'll still be intouch


It didn't work it still turns blue I'll call the company up tomorrow and see what they say thanks anyway


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